Nasi Kandar Line Clear @ Jalan Penang

According to a friend of mine from Penang, the name Nasi Kandar originated from a time when vendors would balance the rice and dishes on a shoulder pole with one end containing rice and the other end containing dishes. Nasi Kandar are always served flooded with curries, according to my friend, Penang folks just love to flood everything that they eat, i would assume that's where roti banjir came from.
I once heard a Penang born and raised friend of mine complaining on how horrible Nasi Kandar in Kuala Lumpur is and that Penang has the best Nasi Kandar ever. So i heard about Nasi Kandar Line Clear and went to check it out. We managed to arrive before the crowd started to pour in. 

there was a wide variety of seafood and meat; different kinds of fish, prawns, chicken, mutton, beef cooked in different styles. 

 Fish head would cost you around RM60 - RM70 depending on the size.

So i chose to give the nasi briyani, squid curry, mutton curry and the fried chicken a try. Every plate would be given two okras as a compliment, then curry would be heavily poured over your rice. To those who do not appreciate having your rice soaked in curry, do tell the mamak beforehand. The fried chicken was flavorful and moist, the mutton was tender but the squid was overcooked to the point of rubbery which i do not enjoy. Overall i enjoyed my plate and i would agree that Penang has better Nasi Kandar than KL.

 On our way out, we had to squeeze through this long line of people to get out.
Ironically, the line wasn't as clear as one would expect. 


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